The Next Round of Vocalist Auditions is Coming!

03/20/11 @ 11:57 pm | (1) comment

We’re getting really, really excited.

April 2nd is our next round of auditions and we’ve got some GREAT talent coming out.

We only have TWO audition spots left! If you want a shot at being in a band that will take your art to the next level, the time is Volume Pills NOW!

Shoot us a message at and we can talk about getting you a time slot.

In other news, The Golden Vine got a sweet review from Steff at Steff Metal, a fantastic metal/metal lifestyle blog. (Hell yeah, it’s a really great combination!) Thanks Steff! M/


Announcing Onward We March Madness 2011!!!

02/27/11 @ 5:19 pm | Leave a comment

As a thank you to you for helping make The Golden Vine an amazing release, we’re annoucing Onward We March Madness!

You remember that CD you bought but are now embarassed to own? Yeah, we’ve got em too, and we decided to help you clean out one of those crappy CDs. Mail us a CD you never want to see again, and we’ll mail you a free copy of The Golden Vine! Then, at the end of the month, we’ll have a little surprise for everyone who participated.

It’s gonna be fun.

Send ONE CD before the end of March to 4005 N Hall St #103 Dallas, TX 75219 and we’ll ship you a copy of our EP for FREE!! Woohoo! (US Residents Only)

We’re still in the process of auditioning a new vocalist. If you know of someone who would be a good fit for the band and would be interested, send us a message at and we’ll give you the details about the auditioning process.