What about The Golden Vine?

10/18/11 @ 8:00 pm | Leave a comment

Some of you may be wondering why we did not play any of the songs from our recent EP “The Golden Vine” at our last show. Seems odd, doesn’t it? We had a huge CD release show and everything! What’s wrong with us?!?

The answer is simple. We are moving on from that era of OWM. For better or worse we decided to leave those songs and stories as Logan’s imprint and legacy. Chris has started to craft his own stories and we felt it better to start with fresh songs.

So for those of you that never got to see those songs performed live, check out our youtube page.

You can also purchase the album on iTunes or at our merch store

New Material

07/02/11 @ 11:39 am | Leave a comment

We’ve been writing like crazy people so we can get back on stage with an ALL NEW SET for you! We’ve already got 3 songs down, 4 more are 70-90% complete and these songs are SICK.

Direction wise, we’re keeping the mixture of straight brutality with brain-melting technicality as we have in the past. It’s a tough balance to maintain, honestly, but it suits our music and personalities. One of the new songs, Sons of a Broken Sky (working title), will make you punch a rhino in the crotch it’s so brutal. Chris’ singing is kicking up our songwriting to a new level, we’re even working on a little surprise for everyone featuring his pipes.

We’ll be back soon,