The Dallas metal scene at its best!

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Holy shit! The show on Sunday was awesome, to say the least! Big thanks to Dying Ground, Giant of the Mountain and Psychiatric Regurgitation for making it a fun show. This is what the Dallas metal scene is about! Great bands supporting each other and having fun while making it all happen.

Never, ever have you seen so many Waldo’s be Generic Viagra so metal:

If you missed this show, don’t worry we have another show in the works for December 2 at The Boiler Room. This show will be particularly special since it will be on my birthday, and about a week before Derek’s. So let the BIRTHDAY BASH commence! We will put out more details as we get them.


Halloween 2011

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We are stoked to be playing this Sunday at The Bone in Deep Ellum.

Costumes, metal and booze. What better way to celebrate Halloween? AND IT’S ONLY $5!!!

You better come ready to party!

We have an awesome line up for the show as well:
Psychiatric Regurgitation
Giant of the Mountain
Dying Ground
Junkie Whisperer

These are some of our favorite metals bands in Dallas. We are particularly excited to be playing with our buds in Giant of the Mountain. They have a Cialis Online practice space right down the hall from us and we love to drink 40s with them and leave their singer/guitarist, Cody, love notes under the door. He has a glorious beard that we all wish we could make love to…

I digress.

These guys are sick, check them out and buy their EP “Mother Hydra” for super cheap on their Band Camp Page . I highly recommend it to any one who likes melodic blackened sludge metal (whatever the fuck that means).