Recording our new EP

03/25/12 @ 2:35 pm | Leave a comment

So we are gearing up to get back into the studio to record our follow up to “The Golden Vine”. We are working with Sterling Winfield again. You might know his from his work with Pantera, Hellyeah and other local Dallas acts such as Bear Witness and Love Stricken Demise. We plan on being at Nomad Studios in the next few weeks to lay down drums and guitars. Needless to say, we are stoked to semenax scam show you what we have been working on since Chris has joined the band. We have evolved our sound a lot in the last year and can’t wait to show you guys!

Until then you can catch us on stage this weekend at The Double Wide as part of a Third String Productions Showcase with Dark Horse Darling, They Cried Apollo! and The News Can Wait. It’s a $5 show! So come out and party!

Eat A Dick

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We are super stoked to be playing with our friends in Burying the Trend and Giant of the Mountain on February 10th at The Boiler Room in Dallas.

This is going to be a hell of a metal Pokies show!

We are going to have a brand new song for you guys called “Call of the Void” as well as a new shirt design:
eat a dick


Here is some Burying The Trend jams to complete your evening: