Onward We March at Skillman Street Bar 05/07/10

04/12/10 @ 2:09 pm | (2) comments

Hey wolfhounds, hope all is well! Guess what?? We got a headlining spot at Skillman!

We really need your support on this one for three reasons:

  1. We will be playing a longer set than usual, which means more badassery in your face for longer!
  2. Having green smoke electronic cigarette an amazing show will open up some doors for us to play with national acts when they come through. How awesome is that??
  3. We’re playing with some cool bands like Sever the Senses, After Summer, and Riot .45! Check them out here:

Onward We March @ Skillman Street Bar 05/07/10

Official Website Launch!

04/09/10 @ 7:00 am | (3) comments

So this is it, we’re finally live just in time to announce our upcoming EP The Golden Vine due out late this summer. We’re crazy excited to bring this to you as it’s the introduction to our story of the Wolfhound. We’ll get more in depth in the newsletter, but suffice to say that this is going to be the beginnings of a multi-album mythological story that will seriously blow you away!

Right now we’re waiting until our engineer finishes up his current project before we go into the studio, so in the meantime we’ll be slowly leaking details of the story. Here’s the tentative track list for all of you devotees:

  1. Wolves of Despair
  2. Of Pestilence
  3. People of Wood
  4. Onward We March
  5. The Human Aberration
  6. The Golden Vine

Some new features will be added to the site over time, including the ability to sign up instant payday loan online for our newsletter! Until then, we LOVE to hear from our fans so shoot us a message at our own emails, Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter. Comments, ideas, marriage proposals, we wanna hear from you!

While you’re here, take a tour around our new website! Check out our photos and videos, comment on our posts (as more come), and check out our shows page (which has some cool features, like a map to each venue!). Click around and see what’s up!

We’re looking to make this site the center where we can connect and communicate with our fans. All the latest news will be posted here first, so bookmark our page and subscribe to our RSS feed so you get the latest news as soon as we post it.

That’s it for now. Thank you for your support and we will see you soon!