Logan’s Resignation from OWM

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It’s official, the CD Release Show on Jan 28th will be Logan’s last show with OWM. We’re gonna miss him, he’s been amazing.

Here’s what he has to say:

“It is with great joy and sorrow that I must announce my departure from Onward We March.

I feel a great sense of satisfaction when I think about all we have accomplished so far. When I first started jamming with Derek and Tito, I didn’t even have a microphone so I would just holler over their amps and the electronic drum kit in Tito’s spare room. The others had collectively gone under monikers like The Cask of Amontillado and Eleven before I joined and we chose to proceed as OWM. For awhile we rented a room hourly when we needed to practice and we wrote some ridiculous, now defunct, songs like Black Tooth Grin and Owl in the Glass.

We eventually started booking shows (Reno’s gave us our first) and I don’t think I moved from where I stood even once during that first performance. That show three years ago was terrifying and it’s all a blur now, but it convinced me that we could probably handle just about anything. After that we had all sorts of experiences; some were great, like playing alongside Abigail Williams at one of
those crazy Plano Centre shows, and others were not so great, like the Battle of the Bands we did in Wichita Viagra Online Falls where we basically played to an empty room.

It’s been a long time finding my footing as a performer and my voice as a lyricist and musician, and I’ve got a long way to go, but personally, I’m proud beyond words that we’ve pushed so far in a difficult music scene and produced what I consider a really fantastic debut in The Golden Vine.

Unfortunately, as with any cliché band departure, I feel myself at a creative crossroads with where OWM is going and find that the best course of action is leaving in a celebration; our CD release show on January 28th will be my last with the band. I’ve enjoyed our time together and sincerely believe that the little we’ve done so far is something interesting, something worthwhile, and hopefully something

For what it’s worth, I believe that OWM has the potential to go places, I just hope it’s with the same positive message, desire to tell stories bigger than ourselves, and penchant for musical progression and experimentation that made it an exciting experience for me.

A heartfelt thank you to the few who came to shows and appreciated the music we made; you make all the difference. As I step back, I bid a fond farewell and watch in anticipation along with everyone else what these guys will do next.” -Logan Hamilton Acton

We’re going to miss you, man. It’s been fantastic.

The Golden Vine Album Release Party

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January 28th, 8pm at Reno’s Chop Shop in deep ellum, we finally unleash The Golden Vine on the world! We’re playing with all of our friends and we want to make this an AMAZING night! Come join us along Cialis Online with Brothers Highhorse, Cold Bloom, and Enthusiast to kick in some FACES with the best bands of Dallas metal!

Here is the flier:

You can also pre-order the CD and the brand new t-shirt on our brand new online store